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My (New) Daily Routine

Hey, everyone!

I think it’s safe to say that our lives are far from normal at the minute. For some, their entire way of life has been turned on its head, and for others life might’ve barely changed.

Luckily (?) for me, I’m still on the daily grind. Other than no longer doing a four-hour round commute into London five days a week and not going to get pizza every other lunchtime from Circle and Slice on the Whitechapel High Street, nothing much has changed for me. I’m still doing meetings, still making an insane number of spreadsheets, still spamming my team with quarantine memes (“quaranmemes”?). My entire job can easily be done remotely, and in that regard I’m very, very lucky.

I don’t know whether or not it’s a good thing that I’ve adapted rather easily to this whole lockdown situation. I am very much a homebody, but I do miss having a high step count. Thankfully, work’s been busy, and my appointment as the agency’s newest Junior Accounts Manager means I’ve got to work even harder than I did as an intern. No better time to prove yourself when you’ve got no other distractions, right?

Anyways, I thought I would share with you how a typical working-from-home day is for me, from waking up to giving up.


Rather than waking up at the crack of dawn to leg it to the train station for the 7:20am Thameslink service into London St Pancras, I get to have a bit of a lie in. As soon as my alarm goes off, I immediately get out of bed – no snoozing! I also make my bed straight away to avoid any temptation of getting back in. Before I get changed out of my PJs, I take my daily medication. I have a few medical conditions I have to take medication for every day to manage them, and taking them this early also helps me plan when I can have my breakfast. Once that’s done, it’s outta my PJs and into comfy clothes. These days that normally means some kind of loose jumpsuit or dress. I do my skincare, and then also give myself a lil spritz of fragrance, just to wake my senses up.


9am is when my colleagues and I have our daily morning meeting, dubbed “Morning Prayers” by my boss. We discuss what we did the night before, what tasks we’ve got for the day or week ahead, and what we’re all watching on Netflix. We try to keep it light and non-work related. It only lasts for fifteen minutes or so, but it feels good to see everyone’s faces in the morning like we would if we were going into the office. I also take this time to get myself into my work mindset, checking through my to-do list and calendar to see what meetings/calls I’ve got and if I’ve got enough time to get through everything that day.


Breakfast time! When I was going into London, I would walk past the office to get to the Tesco Extra around the corner to grab my breakfast, which was normally a fruit pot or pastry and an iced coffee. Nowadays, breakfast is some kind of eggs on toast. After breakfast, I get stuck into work.


I try to stop for lunch at the same time every day. If I’m busy, I’ll go make lunch, bring it back to my desk, and work as I eat. If I’m not too busy, I’ll take my time. I normally make some kind of basic pasta dish, or a sandwich if we’ve got any bread, and eat it in the kitchen. I’ll also give myself a good dose of screen time, just to see what everyone else is up to on Instagram or if there’s any new videos on Youtube.


If I didn’t have time during lunch, and I don’t have any meetings or phone calls, this is when I try and get out of the house and go for a walk. Being shut in all day isn’t good for you, and getting some fresh air and exercise is really important. Luckily, I live near a huge park and near a river, so my walks are pretty scenic. If I don’t have time for a full-on walk but I desperately need to step away from my laptop, I’ll grab a drink and head out into the garden for ten or fifteen minutes, just so I can breathe.


Just like we have a daily morning meeting, my colleagues and I also have a daily afternoon meeting to round off the day. “Evensong” tends to be more work-focused than “Morning Prayers”, but that’s just because we update each other on what we’ve been up to all day. We also talk about what we’re having for dinner, who needs a drink the most, and how we’re all feeling.


As soon as “Evensong” is finished, my work day is done. It feels like a natural place for me to end my workday, so once I’ve logged off I head downstairs to spend time with my family. I don’t see much of them all day since I’ve normally started working before they’re up and about. Dinner is normally ready by this time if we’re all eating together, but if not I won’t eat until around 7pm.


This is the time I’m in bed by. I won’t be asleep by 9pm, but I’ll be back in my PJs and all the lights will be off. I finish off my day going through my Youtube subscription list and doing a solid session of binging, but if Safiya Nygaard’s uploaded a new video, I’ll only watch that – there’s only so much I can take that late! After that, I’ll set my alarm for the morning and fall asleep around 10:30-11ish, ready for the next day.

Hopefully once this is all over, I’ll get my old daily routine back, and then I can include all the shenanigans I get up to in London, but until then…

Talk to you soon,

Boo x

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