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Chocolate Pastry Puffs

(This is probably the easiest “recipe” you’ll ever find. I don’t even think you can call this recipe, to be honest with you, but I don’t really know what else to call it.)

As someone who doesn’t like to commit to recipes that have long periods of waiting in them, and as someone who doesn’t particularly like to leave the house on Sundays before 11am, this is how I get around my weekly, romanticised craving for warm pastries and iced coffee at the kitchen table on Sunday mornings. Now, these might not be as pretty (definitely not as pretty) as the chocolate pastries you can buy at your local supermarket or coffee shop, but they are seriously light and delicious, and take less than half an hour to do.

The fun thing about this “recipe” is that you can do whatever you want with it and get creative. You don’t have to slice and fold your pastry the way I do, and there are so many videos online with cool tutorials on different ways to fold pastry to make surprisingly-easy, intricate shapes. How I fold my pastry is how I like it, but you can do you, boo, and that’s ok.


  • 1 pack of ready-rolled puff pastry
  • Chocolate spread (I prefer Stockwell’s chocolate spread since it’s not overly sweet)
  • 1 small or medium beaten egg
  • That’s it. That’s all the ingredients.


  1. Pre-heat your oven to the temperature stated on the puff-pastry packaging, and line a baking tray with greaseproof paper
  2. Unroll the puff pastry length-ways and, with a sharp kitchen knife, cut a strip from top to bottom about 2/2.5″ thick
  3. Smooth a teaspoon of the chocolate spread a third of the way up the strip, and then fold the pastry clean gently over it so you have the other two thirds of the pastry hanging over the top. On top of the pastry that is directly covering the chocolate spread, spread another teaspoon of the chocolate spread, and then fold the pastry back on itself until you have a square with three layers of pastry and two layers of chocolate spread. Repeat this style as many times as you’d like
  4. For a different folding style, cut a strip of pastry about 1/1.5″ thick, and spread a thinnish layer of chocolate spread along the whole strip. You don’t want to use too much spread or it will just all ooze out. Roll the strip gently until you end up with a small chocolatey sausage roll
  5. Place all your pastries on the baking tray with some space between each, and then lightly brush the tops of the pastries with the beaten egg. This makes sure they’ll be golden and flaky once cooked
  6. Place the baking tray on the middle shelf of your oven, and cook for 10-12 minutes
  7. Once cooked, leave them on the baking tray to cool for 10 minutes before trying to eat (unless you want to burn all your tastebuds off, up to you). The chocolate is going to look very dark and almost burnt, and the pastry is going to be very misshapen, but I did say before that they weren’t gonna be pretty!

These pastries taste best eaten in the weekend sunshine, and served with a large homemade iced latte (1 tbsp instant coffee + 0.5 tbsp sugar + 1.5tbsp hot water mixed and poured over a glass of iced milk).

My Dad’s taken quite a liking to these since I made them for Mum for her Mother’s Day afternoon tea, so every now and then a surprise roll of puff pastry will appear in the fridge and I have to take the hint. I mean, I don’t particularly mind – I like them too!

Talk to you soon,

Boo x

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