The Body Positive Ladies You Need to Follow on Social Media

Since the lockdown started here in the UK, there’s been a whole slew of “jokes” and dialogue around how being in lockdown = “getting fat”. I’ve seen so many “before/after” memes of skinny people being put next to hippos/elephants/larger cartoon characters, or photos of blank-faced toddlers grabbing their tummies with the caption “Me right now!” that are being presented in a way that’s supposed to be amusing and/or relatable. Thing is, this content isn’t amusing, and this dialogue is more damaging than many realise.

I’m gonna hold my hand up and say that I’m not exempt from this group of people. I’ve not put any of this language out into the Twittersphere or anything like that, but I am guilty of joking with my friends that we’re going to need to be rolled out the door after this is all over, or that I’m gonna have to put a lock on the fridge door soon. I’m keeping myself in check now, and not thinking or talking that way. I’ve used this language in a self-deprecating, harmless way, but I know for a fact that there are people being subjected to this language either in passing or directly who are not going to be able to deal with it the way some of us can.

Thankfully, there are people online who aren’t subscribing to this language, and are continuing to speak out for body positivity and wellbeing and inclusivity. I can hand-on-heart say that I wouldn’t have the relationship I do with my body without the people on this list, even though the relationship isn’t exactly perfect. Still, it’s better than it was. In a time like this, where I’m struggling kinda badly with my body, I thought it would be nice to share those special people with you.

Jess Megan

THIS! QUEEN! This is a woman who knows what she’s talking about. Jess recognises her privilege, and uses that position to call out all the bullshit that gets thrown her way, and she takes absolutely no prisoners. Her modelling shots are to die for, her smile lights up every shot, and I’m still trying to figure out how to get those cheekbones.

Callie Thorpe

Callie was one of the first plus-size lifestyle and fashion accounts I followed on Instagram, so she’s kinda like my ride-or-die. She’s so transparent and lovely, her recipes are to die for, and every single one of her travel shots makes me envious. She has a podcast called “The Confidence Corner” which everyone should be listening to all the time! Also, her and her hubby Dan bring me so much joy – they’re all I wish for in the future.

Ginger Girl Says

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This lady is the epitome of relatable! She’s the down-to-earth, always-down-to-get-pissed, super-stylish friend I think we all wish we had. Her Insta-stories never fail to make me chuckle, and her blog is full of enviable Italy shots and too-real posts about being single. She makes me seriously miss my redhead days- the temptation to go back is so strong!

Nelly London

This girl! I’ve only recently started following Nelly after I saw she was tagged on the Lounge Insta page, and I immediately fell in love. She’s absolutely stunning, her Sunday bakes are giving me so much baking inspiration (desperately need to try and make a cookie traybake), and she practises what she preaches. Also, her angel dog warms my heart every time he shows up in her Stories, so if you need a little bit of happiness during your day, have a look at her account and marvel at the sweetness!

Felicity Hayward

I mean, she’s literally the queen of the BP movement! How could she not be on my list?! Her self-righteousness and drive for a more equal and diverse word and fashion industry for all should make her an inspiration to all of us, as well as a fashion icon. Just look at her! Her uplifting, colourful content makes her a very good account to follow in these bleaker times.

Megan Barton Hanson

I mean, if I didn’t need any further confirmation that I liked girls! I watched her on Love Island, and when everyone was slagging her off on Twitter and in the mainstream media, calling her “Muggy Megan”, I didn’t really get it? I love how outspoken she is, and how she’s never backed down from anyone who’s tried to get under her skin about her opinions and beliefs, whether that’s masturbation or autonomy. We could all definitely take a leaf or two out of her book!

Kristin Chirico

If I had to sum up this lovely lady in two words, they would have to be: absolutely delightful! Her style is delightful, her relationship with her parter Brian is delightful, her presence on camera is delightful! I’ve been a big fan of BuzzFeed Ladylike for nearly three years, and she’s by far my favourite out of the girls. She’s not afraid to call bullshit and get real, and she does it all with the perfect balance of humour. (She also told me on Twitter that I was allowed to call myself Queen Bitch of F*ck Mountain, and I still hold that title to this day!)

Hopefully these ladies bring you some extra joy and gorgeous content to your Instagram feeds, and if there’s anyone you follow you think I’d like, don’t hesitate to drop their names in the comments!

Talk to you soon,

Boo x

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