A Little Bit About Me!

It’s been over a month since I started this blog, and I’ve realised something – you guys don’t really know that much about me. How rude of me, to not introduce myself properly! You know I suffer from an icky chronic skin disease, but you have no idea what my favourite books are! Jesus Christ.

My name is Nicole, I’m 22 years-old, and I live in England, UK (sounds like the beginning of an Omegle chat, yikes). Born and raised in Bedfordshire, I have no siblings or pets, but I did have two guinea pigs when I was younger and I’m currently trying to persuade my parents to let me have a hamster. Fun fact, I’m also the only only child on both sides of my family. I’m the baby on one side, and the second oldest on the other, so I get spoilt rotten by one grandma, but get to join in with the adult conversations on the other side – win win!

I was in private schools for most of my life – co-ed for most of primary school, and then my secondary school was an all-girls school. I intended to stay on at the adjoining sixth form, however after a couple of disagreements with the teachers about what they believed I was capable of (apparently, not much!), I packed myself up and joined the local public sixth form. I studied English Language, Sociology, and Communications and Culture. It was also co-ed, so I had to quickly learn how not to be startled by sitting next to a guy in class after five years!

Sixth form was basically my emo phase – characterised by a love of a black smokey eye, HUGE eyebrows, and various shades of red and orange hair

I decided to not take a gap year in case I lost my study ethic, and in October 2016 I started my three-year English Language and Creative Writing course at the University of Chester. While I was at uni, I worked in an Italian wine bar (but quit after four weeks), and worked as a shot girl in the two major nightclubs in the city centre (best job EVER!). I lived alone in first year halls, then got a house with a few “friends” for second year. I haven’t spoken to any of them since then and now have an extreme fear reaction around flies, if you wanna know how that went. Third year, I lived alone in a private flat and loved it – the only time I’ve ever had a TV in my room!

That hover hand, though

I graduated last November with a 2:1 and a very bruised and painful coccyx from falling down the stairs five days earlier. I walked across the stage in Chester Cathedral, in bright red heels, looking like I’d shat myself.

When I was younger, I wanted to be a princess, then a baker, then an archaeologist (too many family holidays to the Jurassic Coast), a writer, back to being a baker, then no idea for the longest time, a museum curator, back to being a writer; went to uni and that crushed my writing dreams, so decided I wanted to go into PR, and that’s where I am now! I currently work at a PR and marketing agency based in London, and I’m loving it.

Our office building is so fancy, it has an atrium!

I started this blog as it’s always been something I’ve been curious about doing and getting involved with, and I’m up for any excuse to write and flex my degree (did not get into that much debt for nothing!). The reason I sign off all my blog posts with the name Boo is because that is my Mum’s nickname for me (which was also my late grandad’s nickname for her!), and it sounds fucking adorable, so I wanted to incorporate it somehow. A big part of my job at the moment is dealing with social media and influencers/bloggers, so I’m kinda hoping that working from both sides is going to benefit me in the future in terms of this blog and my work.

I used to hate reading, despite coming off the reading scheme in primary school earlier than everyone else (weird flex, but ok), but that’s luckily changed over the years. I’m now an avid and eclectic reader, but my favourite genres to read are historical fiction, thrillers, mysteries, and trashy YA supernatural fiction (the early 2010s really made an impact on me). I don’t know what I’d do without my Kindle; hands-down the best investment I’ve made. I also love watching movies, especially horrors, wedding comedies specifically, and anything with Zoey Deutch or Dylan O’Brien in.

I have a rough Ten-Year Plan in my head, but there’s no way I can commit to it. I’m too much of a realist and too much of an over-thinker to actually commit because I know there are way too many variables for me to take into account and make an actual plan around. In general, in the next ten years, I want; to be totally financially independent, have my own place, be a pet owner (dog or cat, not picky), have a little girl of my own, be in a steady job with room for a further promotion, publish a novel, and be in a steady relationship.

Quickfire Questions!

Outside or inside? Inside

Nandos order? Plain chicken burger with halloumi, and corn on the cob and chips as sides (don’t @ me, the plain chicken is still flavourful)

Nighttime or daytime? Depends on the season

Favourite season? Toss up between Spring and Autumn

Pessimist or optimist? Pessimist

Favourite drink on a night out? I’ll pretty much drink anything except j√§egerbombs and whiskey

How many scars do you have? Four, all on my hands – one from a glow stick, one from a chicken, one from when I was working as a shot girl, and I think the other one is from burning myself on the oven (I’m not kidding about the glow stick and the chicken)

Favourite food? Chicken nuggets, anything garlicky, Mary’s pastisio, mango, peas, gummy sweets, potatoes in any form, and blondies

Favourite film? 10 Things I Hate About You

One thing you hate about yourself? My inability to lose weight

One thing you love about yourself? I am big wife material, someone needs to get on this!

Boys or girls? Both

Pizza Hut or Dominoes? Pizza Hut

Most expensive thing you’ve bought? My phone, but will soon be a Gucci Soho bag!

Tinder or Bumble? Depends what mood I’m in do I feel like being objectified, or disappointed?

Was university worth it? In some ways yes, in other ways no

Proudest achievement so far? Graduating with a 2:1, and leaving uni to go straight into a full-time, paid job

Favourite holiday? CHRISTMAS

Coffee order? Medium decaf Costa iced latte, no syrup

Favourite city? Toss up between London and Edinburgh

Favourite colours? Pink and grey

Have you ever done drugs? I went to Amsterdam for my 21st birthday, what do you think?

Favourite flower? Blush pink roses, and gypsophila

Go-to takeaway? Sweet and sour fried chicken, egg fried rice, and duck pancakes with plenty of hoisin sauce

Remember this info – there maybe a quiz.

Talk to you later,

Boo x

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