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How to Style: The Tan Blazer

I love a good blazer, don’t you? They can level up any outfit, turning jeans and a t-shirt into a smart-casual work outfit, or a simple LBD into a staple date night look. I feel very powerful and present when I wear my blazer, which feeds into my weird association between blazers and “being an adult”, and then that makes me feel like a bad bitch. A 22-year-old, (nearly-) bad bitch.

I’m still on the hunt for the holy grail of my wardrobe – the classic black blazer. I have a slouchy, crepe one from ASOS, but I rarely wear it because I don’t like the shape it gives my shoulders. I’ve tried Topshop, I’ve tried Missguided, I’ve tried my Mum’s wardrobe, but no luck so far. Next stop – Marks and Spencer.

However, what I do have is one of the best Primark purchases I’ve ever made – an oversized, tan blazer. My friend and I were wondering around the huge Primark at Rushden Lakes, I wasn’t planning on buying anything (how many of us have said that before walking into a Primark?), but I saw it as soon as we walked in and knew I had to have it.

I love how versatile the colour is (I can wear it in the Summer as well as the Autumn); it’s super light and comfortable so I can wear it all day with our getting sweaty, but it still has a good structure around the shoulders to give me that lil power boost; and it was only £20, so I can’t complain.

Look 1: The Statement Piece

The whole “black doesn’t go with brown” thing is totally dependent on the shade of brown you’re wearing; poop-brown doesn’t go with black, but a dark beige or caramel shade does. This is a look I’d wear to work, because our office is smart-casual, and because the heels on my boots aren’t massive, so they’d be easy for me to move around London in. I love wearing all black, mostly because it’s super flattering, but I also love doing two-colour looks with black because it makes the other colour I choose stand out more.

TIP: match the colour on all your hardware for a more cohesive look!

Boots: New Look (similar)

T-Shirt: Primark

Jeans: New Look

Belt: ASOS (similar)

Look 2: Spotty Hottie

“What should I wear for date night?” THIS!

This is the perfect date night outfit template – it’s classic and versatile on the bottom with skinny leggings and classic black heels, and they’ll go with anything you put on top, whether you decide on something colourful or something basic. Even without the blazer, this outfit works. You could see this outfit having two statement pieces (the blazer and the patterned vest top), and that means they could potentially clash, but because this outfit has such a neutral colour palette, I think it works. With a pair of chunky gold or silver earrings and a white clutch bag, this outfit would be bang on the money.

Top: Primark (similar)

Leggings: ASOS

Heels: New Look (similar)

Look 3: Minimal Effort

This is my favourite out of all of these. It’s basic, it’s ridiculously comfortable, I can move around in it with no issues, and it’s well within that minimalist aesthetic I’m so desperately trying to achieve.

This is actually a loungewear jumpsuit that I originally bought to just be comfy in when I’m WFH, but it has so much potential. It’s the perfect length on my legs; it’s made of soft jersey, so it’s perfect for the summer; and it’s a smock cut, so I can get away with eating as much pasta as I want in it and you couldn’t tell! Putting the waist belt on is my way of elevating it a little, and creating a line between the black and the brown, but you could definitely rock this look without it and lean into the shapeless, oversized style.

Because of the silver on the sandals and the belt, maybe a pair of thin, sleek silver hoops and stacked silver rings would complete it? And definitely a basic black clutch if you were going out for some casual drinks.

Jumpsuit: ASOS

Belt: ASOS

Platform sandals: ASOS (similar)

Look 4: Spring Neutrals

I swear I see thirty versions of this outfit on my Instagram Explore page every day, but I’m definitely not sick of them! Loafers are having a bit of a resurgence at the minute because they can toe the line between feminine casual and feminine professional very easily – this outfit would work great with a pair of trainers, but the loafers just elevate it. I also own two pairs of these, because they are the most comfortable and versatile loafers I’ve ever found (and I got them in Tesco! £19! BARGAIN!)

You could wear this outfit anyway, anywhere: at work, on a day out, to a casual lunch with friends, for a family meal out – you’re covered. The neutral colour palette also makes it appropriate for any season, and the light wash blue jeans offer a nice pop of colour that contrasts with the blazer. This outfit with a big black tote bag? Everyone you walk past will know you mean business.

T-shirt: Topshop

Jeans: ASOS

Loafers: Tesco (similar)

If you give any of these outfits ago, or find yourself styling your own tan blazer in a different way, I’d love to see! Tag me in your Insta picture (@heybooblog), or use my hashtag #heybooblog, and I’ll make sure to send you lots of love.

Talk to you later,

Boo x

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