My YouTubers, Now Your YouTubers?

I think it’s safe to say that I watch more YouTube than any other media – more than the telly, more than Netflix. I like how accessible it feels, I like that the content tends to be shorter than a TV show or movie, and I feel like I don’t need to give it my full attention to enjoy it. I also think that how personal the content tends to feel lends to its appeal; you know it’s small-scale media, so you don’t have massive expectations and you tend to enjoy it just how it is.

My YouTube taste is really varied. I’ll go between fashion hauls, horror video game lets-plays, and clothes folding tutorials in a single sitting (honestly, so helpful). It just depends what I’m in the mood for, really. I thought I’d share a few of my favourite YouTubers and channels to watch – some that I watch just to cheer myself up every now and then, some I watch religiously, and others that’re just trusty ones to have in my Subscriptions list.


I have no idea where I would be without Mykie. I never really had anyone teach me about make up, or anyone to play around with it with; my mum isn’t a big make up person, so she didn’t teach me anything like that. Mykie is kinda like my big make up sister in that sense. She taught me how to apply lashes (I still send people her video about it when they ask me how I get mine on so well), and how to do the smokey eye I wore on every single night out between the ages of 17 to 20. I’ve been a “zombae” (just go with it) for well over seven years, and it’s just insane to go back to her old videos and see how much she’s grown in confidence and style, and created this totally unique cute and creepy brand. She also has the two most adorable Alaskan Klee Kai puppies called Ripley and Creature who just make every video with their own peanut gallery commentary. It basically sounds like she’s got an angry lawnmower just going around her apartment – I love it.

The video I’ve linked to this post is in my top 5 videos of hers, and whenever I’m in the mood for a proper giggle, this is the one I go for every single time. It is hilarious, and has one of the best twists I’ve ever seen in a make up challenge (hi, Henry from Hollywood!)


(For some reason I can’t link a video, so I’ve linked the channel in their name)

I’m a girl who likes video games. Yes, we do exist! However, I am also a girl who is terrible at playing video games, so that’s unfortunately one stereotype I fall into. My hands just don’t listen to my brain!

The WhatCulture crew are so great because every member of the team is a total individual and it really comes through in their content. It’s why I love the channel – there’s this great dynamic between the hosts, and the way they all bounce of each other is really engaging. They do everything from Top 10 lists to “Chatty Faces” to discussions around current events and news in the gaming and movie industries. Because of their content, I’ve been exposed to more media and titles I didn’t know existed, and have found some real gems. They also upload every day I think, so I’ve always got something to watch while I’m doing work emails or making breakfast which is really nice.

Also, Josh Brown’s hair. That’s all I’ll say.

Maria JVlogs

I had no idea I needed Rightmove videos in my life, but y’know what? Maria has found a niche.

I’m a relatively new subscriber to Maria as I only found her Instagram about a month or so ago, and I just fell in love at first sight. I think it was the hair- her hair is magic. Her channel is where I tend to get my fashion fix of very femme, very pretty looks that I use for my own outfit inspo, and her unboxing/review videos are really detailed and beautifully shot. I actually have to limit how many of her hauls and brand reviews I watch because my bank account just can’t keep up and I’m not getting a pay rise any time soon!

Nikkie de Jaeger/Nikkie Tutorials

I’ve only actually been subscribed to Nikkie for the last few weeks. Obviously I knew who she was before that, but I never really got involved and I don’t know why. I actually started watching her after her Christmas collab with Mykie (her second appearance on this list), and just fell in love with her. I love her personality, her humour, and I already knew her make up skills were mad but Jesus Christ! I wish I could get my lip line as sharp as that *cries and snots*

My favourite videos she does are the ones with her Mum and her fianceé, Dylan, because I just love hearing them go “Nee!” with various levels of panic throughout her videos. She’s just a delight to watch, and I can’t wait to have a proper go at some of her lewks when nights out are allowed again!


If you are a viewer of Buzfeed content, you might recognise these two fancy boys. I loved the Buzzfeed Unsolved series, and when I heard Shane and Ryan (and Steve) were leaving to start their own media company, I was so excited.

I don’t watch all the content on their channel, but my favourite content they do is a series called “Puppet History” where a puppet, The Professor, teaches Ryan and a special guest about obscure historical events and quizzes them so they can win The Coveted Cup of the History Master (it’s a little trophy full of jelly beans, so it’s worth it). I’m a big history nerd, and so seeing that there was a spiritual successor to Shane’s “Ruining History” Buzzfeed series got me instantly hyped. I really can’t wait to see where they take this channel.


Look at these idiots.

I’m a big fan of food, whether I’m making it, just eating it, or going out looking for it. Like, if I’m planning on going anywhere, regardless if it’s for a day trip or a full-blown holiday, the first thing I will do is look up the best restaurants and bars – it’s my top priority.

I love the dynamic these guys have because they’re all school-hood friends, so they just get ridiculous with each other, and you can see how much the “Normals” have grown in skill as time has gone on. I’m always looking for inspo for what to cook, and when I was living alone at uni these guys were a godsend because they stopped me spending all my wages on takeaway. My favourite videos they do are the more vlog-style ones, like the one where they go to Paris on a whim to eat French food, or do nights out on a budget that the other guys know nothing about. You never know what you’re gonna get.

The Try Guys

If there was ever a group of guys I could rely on (and it’s already hard enough to find ONE guy to rely on), it is these guys.

Whatever their video is, it will undoubtedly put a smile on my face and make me laugh. Besides doing really funny content, a lot of it is also really educational, which is great because combining education with humour is a proven way to get results. I mean, look at Horrible Histories! I also love any and all Try Wives content they put up – I love seeing the ladies in action, especially if they’re bossing the guys around! If I had to pick my favourite Try Guy, it would probably have to be Keith, but he’s everyone’s favourite so I’m not special. And they’ve adapted their content so well during lockdown – their creativity astounds me!

Safiya Nygaard

The queen of ridiculous consumer content and bad make up science! I adore Safiya, and I can’t put my finger on why. Is it because of her theatre kid roots? Is it the eyeliner? Is it because she spends money on ridiculous things so I don’t have to? Is it Crusty?

I always get excited when she uploads because her videos tend to be quite long and ridiculously interesting, so I know I can just load a video up on my laptop and get comfy, cuz I won’t be moving for half an hour. I especially love her bad make up science series because it reminds me of when I was little and used to mix random stuff together from the kitchen cupboards in a bowl and then actually try and use it for something (but I do still need to get my hands on her lipstick collection!) I also love when Tyler and Crusty get involved; I bawled like a baby at their wedding video! Like, it was my dream aesthetic!


Believe it or not, I used to fall asleep to the sounds of this man screaming while playing horror video games. I really struggled with sleep during my first year of uni (I basically became nocturnal), and I would find myself lying in bed, just casually watching his videos, and then wake up four hours later going “?!?!” I guess his screams are close enough to white noise that they to put me to sleep!

I just really enjoy his style of gameplay. He’s bombastic, but not overly so, and he edits out all his wandering around the map because that is the one thing that pisses me off in gameplays – when the players spend fifteen minutes wandering around, trying to figure out where to go when all they had to do was turn a little to the left where you already were, you absolute dipshit!! He also has some of the best one-liners and brain farts, so much so that he’s been able to make a bunch of reaction compilations, and those are always a good shout to watch if you want to cheer yourself up (the one linked is my favourite – make sure your volume isn’t all the way up though!)

I know this isn’t a really great post, but I’m stuck in a bit of a rut and I’m so aware that I missed last week’s post, so I just wanted to write something relatively easy that wasn’t going to take too much energy outta me. Life’s been a bit stressful in general lately; I’ve got a lot of things to think about, so most of my time has been going towards dealing with that, BUT I’ve got some fun ideas for here that I’ve put in my schedule that I really, really wanna do, but I’m not gonna tell you about them – you gotta wait and see! But, I hope you find a new YouTube obsession on this list; you can join me in this special hell.

Talk to you later,

Boo x

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