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Lockdown Purchase Rundown

I remember at the very beginning of lockdown when everyone was talking about how much money we would all save since all the shops were shut and we couldn’t go out to eat all the time.


Because I’ve had some extra cash lying around, I have been a little spend-happy (when am I not?), but the main fact of the matter is that, regardless of what the order was, I’ve returned about 80% of every one (the joys of online shopping when you’re plus-size). I’ve also tried to only be spend happy on long-term investment pieces and wardrobe staples, so things I can use for years to come and will be able to take with me when I finally get my own place. My mindless spending has definitely take a backseat, which I’m happy about, but I’ve now got to stop justifying every potential purchase as an investment or staple purchase because I do still like to spend my money!

I thought I’d show you a couple of the pieces I’ve splashed the cash on over the last few months, and maybe give you a little bit of inspo.


Steve Madden handbags have a special place in my heart. I don’t really know why, but I bought my first one from TK Maxx when I was having a very, very down day in an attempt at retail therapy. It didn’t really work (I still felt shit afterwards), but I used that bag every single day for every occasion for well over two years (RIP Steve).

My fourth Steve Madden bag is this one, who I’ve dubbed “Stevie”, the younger sister to Steve (RIP), Steve 2.0, and MacSteve (yes, I gave them all names). ASOS have recently started stocking Steve Madden’s newest pieces, and when I saw her on the New In page on the same day that there was 20% off everything, I couldn’t resist. I’d been in the market for a versatile brown handbag I could also wear with black, and Stevie is exactly that, so she’s a wardrobe staple as well as an investment piece. The long strap is also detachable, so she’s extra versatile, and she’s pretty roomy inside.


I’m a simple girl. I see a pretty dress, I want it. I don’t wear dresses very often and don’t have many, even though I like them, and I only wear them for nights out or for special events really. As I’ve been working from home, I’ve just wanted to be as comfortable as possible, and dresses, I have found, are the best way to be comfy while also beating the British heat.

Strong Morticia Addams vibes, but make it lazy

My dress collection is still small, but it has definitely grown a bit during lockdown. Smock dresses are my new favourite thing because they can be really sweet and cute, but you can also make them look super badass depending how you style them. Not to mention they hide my massive food babies when I go overboard with Pizza Hut delivery. ASOS has been my main port of call because they have such a massive range of styles and I’m comfortable with their sizing (and I also have Premier Delivery, but that’s besides the point).

Same dress, different prints

Melody Maison full-length mirror

I’ve wanted an “Instagram mirror” for so long, and now she’s finally here! Since October, I’ve slowly been doing my room up, getting it more up to what I’m like now than I was when I was 14. I’ve always had very slim, kinda shabby mirrors that we’ve normally found in charity shops, and they just weren’t fitting my needs anymore (taking decent outfit pics, for example) or my decor style.

All the distressing is done is warm gold!

I decided that once I had a wage-paying job, I’d get my hands on one, and after a lot of digging and finding lots of “Out of Stock” banners, I came across this one from They specialise in that rustic, shabby-chic, Parisian style I love, and this mirror wasn’t the most expensive I’d seen, so I decided to go for it. I ordered it on backorder so I had to wait nearly two whole months for it to arrive, but she’s so worth it. My room weirdly feels a lot brighter and bigger with it because of the reflection, which is a cool bonus, and I can’t wait to take it with me to my own place.

Katie Loxton Lucia saddle bag

Yes, another handbag! I swear I’m not a handbag fiend or hoarder, but this one was on sale and I’d also been in the market for a light coloured handbag too, so I just couldn’t resist. It arrived in the biggest, most boujee, white embossed packaging, and she’s just perfect. I could’ve had her personalised with my initials for an extra £4.99, but she speaks enough for herself I think. The chain strap does struggle to find a grip on my shoulder, but she’s the perfect colour and a really good size that I don’t particularly mind. She also feels super luxe for the price tag.

This is the first thing I’ve ever bought from Katie Loxton, but I definitely would buy from again, no problem.


I finally have a double bed! Yeeeees!

I have been sleeping in the same single bed I’ve had for over ten years while I’ve been at home, and only ever slept in double beds when I was at uni. I’d also been sleeping on the same mattress I’ve had for that long, so no surprise I had a massive spring sticking out of it that would scratch my hips bloody when I moved about. We already had the frame, which I helped my dad put together, and we ordered a medium-firm spring mattress off Wayfair that said it was hypoallergenic and cooling, so fingers crossed that it’s going to help with my non-allergenic rhinitis, as dust and temperature are two of the things that really set it off.

Introducing Dog

All the bedding is from Wilko, except for the blanket, which is DKNY that I found in TK Maxx when I was shopping for my first year of uni supplies. I’ve now discovered I can no longer sleep with regular bedding – it has to be textured. Waffle bedding just feels very luxe and very soothing on the skin, and I also invested in a brushed cotton fitted sheet which holy shit feels incredible. I can’t wait to put my freshly-shaved legs all over that bad boy!

Everyday jewellery

Jewellery is very important to me in terms of my personal style, but also to my propensity of being the human equivalent of a niffler. I love shiny, pretty things, and the more the better! There’s been some great mid-season sales on with some of my favourite brands, so I did some conscious splurging with Estella Bartlett, Orelia, Mejuri, Pandora, and Missoma.

I’ve mostly bought necklaces and rings, but I’ve also invested in some bracelets as that’s a category I do really like to wear, but don’t really have any of. Ya girl’s got plus-size wrists alongside the plus-size hips, and it’s just as tricky to find bracelets that actually fit as straight leg trousers. My favourite pieces are definitely the Orelia gold twisted rope chain, the Pandora sliding bangle, and the Missoma black spinal signet ring (it looks so luxury, but so badass!)

Next on my list – statement silver earrings and simple silver necklaces.

Longline A/W ASOS coat

I am built like a hobbit (short and stout with a fair bit of podge), so anything longline other than maxi dresses is either a hit or a very, very miss on me. Longline cardigans? Can’t do. Two-pieces? Eh, good luck finding one for my proportions. Longline coat? Well, lemme tell you about those.

I have had no luck with longline coats at all until I took a risk on this gorgeous thing. I had my eye on this clean cut, camel and black pleather River Island coat last year, and I was genuinely gutted when I finally tried it on in the shop and it looked horrible. I totally gave up my quest for a smart, longline coat. But when I saw this one on the ASOS sale last month, and decided to take the plunge, and I’m so glad I did!

It’s basically an outdoors dressing gown, it’s that comfy. The colour is insane, I could easily layer it over a chunky knit jumper, and it has this odd, hairy/brushed texture that’s super soft and cosy. I can’t wait to curl up on the commuter train in the winter in this thing and go back to sleep for an hour. However, I now have to deal with the continuous heartbreak every time I see it hanging in my wardrobe, knowing I can’t wear it for another three months *sobs*

Dr Martens Voss leather sandals

I caved to the Instagram pressure with these, not gonna lie. I have very wide feet with a wide ankle and high instep, so finding shoes that fit, that I can wear for ages, and that suit my style is no walk in the park.

I was drawn to the Voss sandals over all the other styles because the ankle strap and the instep strap are adjustable, meaning there was a much better chance that they would fit me, and they do! These are so worth the price tag because they’re just so comfortable, and I can walk for hours in them and not have sore feet, which is pretty rare for me. The insole feels kinda squishy when you walk which is really nice, and even though they’re pretty chunky, they’re as light as a cloud.

These also go with basically every outfit and fulfil my need to grunge everything up!

As you can see, I’ve been quite the busy online shopping bee. However I feel like I’ve made good choices around my purchases – that mirror and the bed are going to follow me around for years; those dresses, handbags, and pieces of jewellery I can wear all year round and adapt to suit my style, those shoes will walk me to the ends of the earth, and you should never not invest in a good winter coat.

I still have one or two things left on my list, but I definitely feel like my wardrobe is more complete now, and that my living space feels more cohesive and more of a reflection of me as I currently am. I’m very sensitive to my environment, so having the space I spend most of my time in feel like that is very important.

I’ve linked everything I can, so hopefully you can get your hands on any of this if you’re interested! And if you are inspired and want to show off your new spoils, you can use my Instagram tag #boosgotyou and tag me with the handle @heybooblog so I can see!

Talk to you later,

Boo x

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