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If there is one thing I love more in this world than chicken nuggets and Henry Cavill, it’s gotta be jewellery.

There’s just something so elevating to an outfit about jewellery; it’s like the cherry on top of a cake. You could be wearing a totally boring, all-black outfit that makes you look like a stagehand for a school drama production, but layer a couple of interesting gold necklaces and stack some rings, or maybe just some huge statement earrings, and boom! You could be included in Vogue’s street-style watch list during Fashion Week.

I decided it would be a good idea to invest in some better quality everyday jewellery while I’ve got some extra cash kicking around. When not in quarantine, I lead a pretty busy, full-on life, so I need accessories that can keep up with that. I’ve been buying from some brands I already know and trust, like Missoma and Estella Bartlett, but I’ve also discovered some new brands that I’ve heard good things about, like Mejuri and Rosy Collective, so I have taken the plunge, and I’ve definitely not been left disappointed.

You may notice on this list that quite a few of the piece have ££-£££ price tags, and that’s because I hate buying cheap jewellery. I see cheap stuff, I like it, I order it, it arrives, it’s pretty, and then it turns grimy and my finger goes green within a day. Not great. The only thing cheap jewellery is good for is for you to try certain styles you’re not sure about spending £££ on.


Rings are my favourite type of jewellery, probably because of how versatile they are. They fit into every aesthetic, and because you have multiple fingers (as you do), you can get really creative with how they sit, the stacking, and even the colours and textures!

Excuse the sausage fingers, we were in the middle of a heatwave when I shot this – all Pandora

A majority of my rings are from Pandora, simply because I used to be an employee so I totally abused my staff discount, but also because the quality is high and the pieces don’t come with extortionate price tags, so they make great keep-sake presents (thanks, Murm). They have a great range of styles from everyday to special occasion, understated to hella-stated, which is why I think they’ve done so well on the high street. I keep all my pieces sparkling by keeping them in their boxes and pouches, which also makes storage so much easier.

I have also recently branched out into Mejuri and Missoma rings, and I’m seriously impressed. My croissant dôme (£95) and black spinal signet rings (£85.50 with discount), both in 18ct gold vermeil, are my new favourites – I haven’t stopped wearing them since I bought them!

I don’t know how to not treat myself

Fun fact – black spinel is a rare gemstone that promotes physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual rebalance, and can help manifest innate abilities, and I need as much help as I can get with manifesting at the minute because I don’t know wtf I’m doing! I have never been one for big, chunky, statement rings because I have perpetual sausage fingers, but I think my head is surely being turned.


I have a wide price range for earrings because it depends what they’re for. If they’re for my second lobe piercings, then I want to spend a bit more because I literally wear them 24/7, but if we’re talking ear cuffs or big statement earrings with gems or such, I’m happy to just spend a couple of quid in Accessorize because I’ll maybe wear them a handful of times in a single month, and that level of wear isn’t worth a £££ price tag.

Orelia is always a good shout for huggie earrings and ear cuffs – they’re basically my go-to brand as they’re reasonably priced for the quality you’re getting, and you can easily do curated ears with their designs. Next on my wishlist is this pair from Missoma.

This little shell dish was a steal off Amazon – the perfect size for all my huggie hoops and ear cuffs

I don’t really wear earrings in my firsts every day. It’s not because I don’t like them, it’s just cuz I’m lazy and I forget to put them in! My favourite everyday earrings when I do remember them are my beaded Missoma hoops that match my Lucy Williams x Missoma beaded coin necklace, but I also like my cheap and chunky vintage twist hoops from Topshop.

L – R: Missoma, Topshop, Accessorize, ASOS

I’ve really wanted to expand my silver earring collection as, as you can see above, I don’t really have any! I came across the Rosy Collective on Instagram, and just loved how pretty and femme everything was. When I was perusing the website, I noticed their earrings were 18ct white gold plated, which really caught my interest, so I decided to give them a chance and ordered one plain design and one fancy design. When I say I’m in love with this brand, I mean I’m in love with this brand! They are such good quality earrings for the price, and both pairs have a really satisfying weight when you wear them. 10/10, will be buying from again!

Indent star hoop – £22, Twist hoop – £20


I love wearing necklaces. Not just because they can be really cute, but also because they can help make an outfit really dynamic. Feeling the all-black, high-waisted jeans and a turtleneck vibe? It’s a very chic look, but it can be very boring and not very interesting to look at. Adding a longer necklace, or layering a few, can really break up the colour and texture of the outfit, much like a belt can.

My favourite necklace is my beaded coin necklace from Missoma that my parents bought me for my graduation last year. The clasp is a little tricky as it’s so slim, but once it’s on, it’s on. She also layers so pretty with thicker gold chains, which is a style I’m still trying to decide whether I like or not. I can’t tell if I look edgy or if I look like a prat.

Chain – Orelia, Beaded coin – Missoma, Kanji padlock – PD Paola

I’m currently building my silver necklace collection, as all I really have is a slim Thomas Sabo chain and a longer Estella Bartlett pendant, but next on my wishlist is the matching twisted chain to my Rosy Collective earrings and the Daisy Jewellery goddess necklace. I’m also putting a little cash aside every now and then for the Missoma x Lucy Williams Roman arc coin necklace – she’d just look so pretty layered up.


Bracelets are my least worn type of jewellery, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like them. I actually own only three bracelets in total; a Kate Spade bangle, a Pandora adjustable gold bangle, and a traditional Pandora charm bracelet.

Strong Cartier vibes from my Kate Spade bangle

Fun fact – I only ever bought my Pandora bracelet and first charm on the morning of my very last shift working there! Yeah, I know! There were people getting antsy, queueing outside the shop, waiting to be let in to grab those Boxing Day discounts, and my colleagues were helping me play dress up on the shop floor. It was fun.

I like to keep my bracelets pretty simple and basic so I can wear them with everything, which is basically my number one rule when it comes to spending money on any piece of jewellery. My favourite piece is probably my adjustable Pandora bangle, which I love sooo much that I’m planning on getting my hands on the silver version. You can detach the chain in order to slide charms on, but there’s something so pretty and understated about it when it’s plain that I think I’ll just leave it that way.

As you can tell, I’m a proper jewellery fiend. There are very few things I like more than a shiny new bauble, which makes me a very easy person to buy presents for (in case you needed to know). I’m definitely very happy with the state of my everyday collection, as well as the pieces I’ve taken chances on, like the Rosy Collective earrings and the Mejuri ring. You never really know what you’ll get when you order online, and you can’t use price tags as an indicator of quality because the number of times I’ve been sent crap for ££ is ridiculous. Make sure you do your research on the brands, read reviews, and check the details section of the product pages to get more info on the materials used.

Also, try to keep everything in the packaging if you can – those microfibre and velvet pouches are so handy when it comes to keeping your jewellery in good nick, and ring boxes make storage so much easier because you can just stack them. I keep all my nicer pieces in their boxes in a little Primark basket and it’s just so easy for me to go in and grab what I want. Only problem is that a lot of the packaging is identical, so it’s kinda like playing a Lucky Dip every morning. Gotta keep things exciting, y’know?

I’d love to see what you guys have in your everyday jewellery collections, or what you’re favourite pieces are, so use my hashtag #boosgotyou on your posts so I can come be nosey!

Talk to you later,

Boo x

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