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Blue Light Glasses – A Fashionable Fad, or The Real Deal?

I can’t be the only one whose seen the term “blue light” floating around, or the slew of Instagrammers showing off their #spon blue light glasses a lot more lately, right? (Ironically, this is not a #spon post, just so we’re clear.)

Because of my job, I spend roughly ten hours a day on my laptop, and that doesn’t include my downtime screen time either. In total, we’re probably looking at more like fourteen to fifteen hours a day. That number is frankly shocking, but I’m probably not really gonna do anything about it. I like watching YouTube before bed way too much. However, because of all this screen time, I end up with a temple headache around mid-afternoon almost daily, which impacts my work. Yes, I eat a good lunch; yes, I drink lots of water; yes, I do take short breaks away from my screen, but those don’t really do anything in the long run for me.

So, for a second, we’re gonna get real technical up in this bitch. What actually is “blue light”?

Blue light is a colour on the visible light spectrum, which basically means we can see it without any special help. Blue light is how we see the colour blue, it’s as simple as that. It is also at the shortwave end of the visible light spectrum, meaning it has lots of energy.

Credit: LUMES Eyewear

The problem is that the human eye isn’t great at filtering out blue light, and when we spend long periods of time absorbing it, like by staring at a screen, it can cause “Computer Vision”. This includes headaches, eye strain, and blurred vision (all the issues I was having). Basically, the more you take in this high-energy light, the more damage you do to your eyes. That’s not to say blue light is a bad thing – it’s not! Studies have shown that the right amount of blue light can have many positive effects, but the amount you get from staring at a screen for fifteen hours a day? Not so positive.

Since I can’t really do much about the majority of the time I spend at my laptop because it’s literally my job to be on it, I started looking into things that could give me a hand, and that’s when I came across the brand Aquilast. A lot of the girls I follow on Instagram were doing #spon posts wearing their blue light glasses, and considering there is actual, verifiable science behind the products, I thought, “Fuck it.”

I shopped around on their website, and bought my pair on sale for about £23. I went for the “Auctor” style as I love vintage-y, half-rim frames.


I do actually have prescription glasses to wear for long distance (or is it short distance? I don’t remember. The one where I can’t see far away, that’s the one), but considering I’m normally pretty up close and personal with my screen, I didn’t opt for the prescription blue lenses. They arrived in about a week, and they came nicely packaged in their own leather-look protective case with a microfibre cleaning cloth.

I’ve been wearing these glasses everyday while working (and when I’m not working – I keep forgetting to take them off), and they have actually made such a big difference. Even just after one day, I had no headache whatsoever. Not even a twinge! For once, I didn’t reach for the Neurofen like a zombie around 4pm. At this point, I’m about three weeks in, and I have a feeling I’m going to have to order another pair in another style? Maybe?? Quite possibly???

Excuse the roots

I really, really do like them! I have a massive head, but these somehow fit me perfectly, and my nose doesn’t get sore where they sit. They don’t slip down at all, and they barely leave marks in my foundation which will be brill for when I wear these all day in the office and have minimal touch-up time. The brand markets itself as being high quality, and y’know what? They’re not lying. They’re not just using a stereotypical marketing line. The frames feel really solid, and the gel nose cushions aren’t flimsy. I would have no issue keeping these guys in my work bag, get knocked about during rush hour on the Metropolitan and City line.

Smart-casual office vibes

I think half-rim glasses like this are the most versatile when it comes to styling because every outfit can benefit from a little vintage twist.

For those cosy Autumn vibes, I went with an oversized chunky knit jumper from ASOS, and even though I was wearing it with light wash mom jeans and slip on Vans out of shot, this glasses would still work if I swapped those out for chunky boots and some pleather leggings. That’ll definitely be a go-to outfit for me this year.

I also have a massive thing for light wash denim and black together. It is a colour palette I’ll never get sick of. The office I work in has a smart-casual dress code, so I paired these colours with a caramel blazer, making this outfit perfect for work, and obviously I’ve kept the belt and jewellery gold to match the hardware on the glasses (one of my biggest fashion rules – always match your hardware).

Some looks I’d love to wear these glasses with would definitely be a grunge look, like an oversized band tee and a big messy bun with my Docs (perfectly for the weekly trip to Tesco), and maybe some more minimalist styles. I wore these glasses the other week with an all-black, loose-fitting jersey ensemble and I was really feeling myself.

I think it’s safe to say that, if you’re looking for a good pair of blue light glasses, or you’re just looking for a way to get rid of those eye strain headaches, go check out Aqualist. Don’t bother with the uncertainty of trawling through product pages on Amazon that don’t have any ratings or have price points that are all over the place – you don’t need to.

I can’t wait to keep wearing these and styling them in different ways, and maybe even get my hands on a couple more pairs! A new wardrobe staple has been found!

Like I said at the beginning of this post, this is not a #spon post. It would be nice if it was #spon, and if Aquilast would like to do some #spon work with me, I would be so down (Aquilast, my email is my in Insta bio, just so you know).

Talk to you later,

Boo x

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