Is It Worth It? – The Ordinary Serum Foundation

I am a Revlon ColourStay loyalist. I don’t think I’ve used another foundation in the last four, maybe five years? I’m not kidding, it’s actually one of my holy grail make up products, which you can read all about on this previous blog post (plug plug plug).

I’ve never really needed another foundation, because why fix something if it’s not broken? The only downside I have with Revlon foundation is that when you’re wearing it from 6am to 9pm, five days a week, while working in a busy, polluted city, it does start to crack and get patchy and not look that great, even with a primer underneath. It just isn’t keeping up with my lifestyle anymore.

The hotter younger sister

I’d heard about The Ordinary’s foundation, and about how long-lasting it was with minimal touch-ups, and I will admit that my interest was piqued. That was something I was looking for. I put it on my ASOS wishlist, and then kinda just forgot about it, but as the last heatwave just kept coming, I wanted something lighter I could wear on my skin to cover up the horrific sunburn lines I had on my forehead. I decided to take the plunge, and if it didn’t look great on the skin, or turned orange throughout the day, no one would see because I’ve been staying home. There’s a pandemic out there, y’know.

I wasn’t really sure what was gonna happen as I didn’t really know much about the product – I didn’t know what consistency it had, I didn’t know what skin type is was best for. I have oily/combination skin, like you could fry an egg on my nose on a hot day, so I usually go for matte finish foundations to help minimise shine, which does actually work. As far as I could see, this didn’t look the most matte, but I was looking for something a little more natural, and this was as good as any foundations I’d seen. I whacked it in my basket and waited for my ASOS premier delivery to bring me my goods.

I’ve been using The Ordinary serum foundation for around four weeks now, so I thought I’d share some thoughts. You probably don’t care, but when has that ever made me shut up before, hmm?


One of the best things about this foundation is that it’s ridiculously affordable. It’s stupidly affordable! It’s £6, and you can even get it cheaper with a student discount on ASOS, like I did. For the amount you get (30ml), that’s a solid price tag.

This product has some serious pigmentation to it considering how thin its consistency is. Is it possible for something to be thinner than water? If it can, this is that. It doesn’t give you “Instaglam”, flawless skin, but I have quite a lot of redness in my cheeks and around my nose, and this covers that in a single layer. Thing is it also doesn’t hide my freckles, which is great because I love them. Grandma told me freckles are kisses from angels, so I wanna show off how much I’m loved, y’know?

It also doesn’t settle too much in the creases around my nose or in my eyelids during the day, and you can melt those away with a gentle swipe of your finger without smearing anything, so that’s a massive win. Throughout the day, it kinda just melts into your skin and looks more natural, even if you put power on top like I do.

Keeping it current, this wears well under a mask. Yes, it does transfer slightly, but not noticeably, and even when the bottom half of your face is a bit damp after getting hot and sweaty in the post office queue, and you wipe or dab the sweat away, you don’t really see a difference. No touch ups are good touch ups (?)

Not gonna lie, I was a little confused when I opened the box and saw this had a pump, but no lid. I had no idea how I was going to carry this around and not have it go all over the inside of my make up bag. No fear, however, as there’s a lock mechanism in the pump, so it’s totally safe to pack away. I also love that the packing looks kinda professional? It’s very simple, almost scientific, and not flashy at all. There’s no shiny foil lettering or heavy glass bottle bases, just frosted, see-through plastic and minimalistic labelling. I dig it.


I’ve noticed that this isn’t a product that you can dot around your face with your sponge and then blend in as you want. You have to do your face bit by bit because once you’ve started dotting on your skin, it’s almost like it starts to dry up on contact? It’s not really an issue for me, and you do still have time to blend as you go, but if you’re someone who usually likes to go dot-happy, you might wanna change that. However, if you use a damp beauty blender, it does blend easier. Maybe the additional moisture is the secret ingredient?

It also isn’t particularly mattifying throughout the day, although I guess it doesn’t really promise that. After two or three hours, I do start to get a little shiny, but that’s something a little blotting paper and pressed powder can sort out, no problem.

The only issue I had that wasn’t really to do with the product or the brand is the shade matching. I don’t know where you can buy this foundation in person, and the only image I had to go off was the swatch image on ASOS. My actual shade was the third bottle I bought, which isn’t ideal spending. Considering how cheap this product actually is, it would be a smart idea to buy more than one shade at the beginning to give yourself a better chance at getting the correct match.

Final Verdict – 9/10

No editin’, no hairbrushin’, no nothin’

This is the epitome of a “my skin but better” make up product. You can’t argue with the price, you can’t argue with the wear, and you can’t argue with the finished result. Even when I’ve been wearing a mask for hours, and there’s a little bit of transfer, my skin still looks good.

There is always a little bit of trepidation when it comes to buying make up online, especially if it’s a brand or product you’re unfamiliar with. Sure, I’d heard good things about The Ordinary, but that was about their skincare products, and as we all know, what can work for someone else doesn’t mean it’s going to work for you.

I’ve been very pleasantly surprised by this “serum foundation”, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a more lightweight foundation on a budget. This is also my new go-to everyday foundation, no doubt – Revlon ColourStay in “Buff” has been dethroned! We’ll just save her for special occasions.

All in all, a solid product worth getting your hands on. 9/10 – will definitely be buying five more!

It was kinda fun doing a make up review, something I’ve not done before. I like sharing stuff I’ve found that works out well, especially if I think it’ll help others. I knew after my first wear of the correct colour that this was banging product, so I’ll leave a little link here for you to get your mitts on it.

I am planning on giving other beauty products ago, so keep your eyes on this space – you may see more posts like this!

Talk to you later,

Boo x

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