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What’s In My Work Bag?

Aaaand we’re back in the office! Not every day of the week, just two days for now, but it’s a start. It’s been good to be back in the same room as my colleagues, have organic conversations about our clients or projects without having to schedule them first, and just be working somewhere that isn’t my bedroom. Everyone is obviously taking all the precautions in our building very seriously (the boss has taken to spraying Dettol at anyone who sneezes), and I don’t think my hands or desk have ever been so squeaky clean!

I was also excited to go back to work because that meant I could get my new Karl Lagerfeld tote out of its dust bag and finally get it out into the world. It was a steal on the ASOS mid-season sale a few months back – £77 down from £265! Basically criminal.

I love watching the “In The Bag” series on British Vogue’s YouTube channel, so I thought I’d do my own version on here with what’s in my work bag, in case any of you were in the mood to be nosy (I know you are).


An obvious inclusion. My job literally wouldn’t be possible without this thing – it is my baby. This is my work laptop that was given to me by my agency, so I have to take extra care of it. The stickers weren’t my idea, but this laptop would be identical to my personal laptop without them, and I don’t feel like doing Zoom calls with my colleagues while scrolling through all the things I want to get my hands on in my bookmarks if I pick up the wrong laptop.


I would be lost without my Kindle on my commute. I roughly have four hours of travel every time I go into the office, and that is a lot of prime reading time I don’t get on any other day. If I ever lost this, I would be heartbroken, because some of my favourites books are on here – the Stalking Jack the Ripper series by Kerry Maniscalco, Destination Truth by Josh Gates, The Binding by Bridget Collins. The battery on this is insane as well – I only need to fully charge it once a week and it’ll last me.

AirPod Pros

Also a necessity for commuting to London. There’s only so many times you can hear the Underground lady’s voice say the same station names over and over again, or some weird preacher thinking his congregation is anyone on the Hammersmith and City line too early on a Thursday morning. I never really wanted AirPod Pros – I used to have the traditional earphones with the cord, and they were just fine with me, but they broke, and I hadn’t got around to getting a new pair when Dad got a free pair of these with his new iPhone, so he asked if I wanted them.

I will admit that I love how much easier they are to move around with since there’ no cord to get caught on things, but the charging thing is a drag, especially when they’ve been in their FULLY-CHARGED case ALL day and STILL die halfway home.


Another necessity. This was my first ever Kate Spade purchase I made with my Pandora Christmas paycheque, and I love her. I like having a bold purse, whether it’s the colour or pattern, just so it’s easier for me to find in my bag, and she’s the perfect size to fit all my loyalty cards. I seem to have a thing for fold over purses, and I don’t know why – I think they’re pretty neat?

Mask + hand sanitiser

Also pretty obvious inclusions. My mask came in a two-pack from Reclaimed Vintage on ASOS, but I think they’re actually masks for guys because they are very roomy. I don’t really care though as I love the cut of these (very flattering on my very round face), and they don’t shrink in the wash. The ear elastic isn’t too tight either, so my ears aren’t always being pulled forward, and there’s still enough room inside the mask that you can breathe normally without the fabric getting sucked into your nostrils or mouth.


When working in London, no perfume is gonna last all day in a city with air like that. I always do a generous spritz in the morning before I leave, but I do normally need a top up sometime after lunchtime.

In the A/W, my go-to is Jo Malone’s limited edition orange bitters scent (waiting on this year’s release to by as many as I can possibly afford, which’ll probably only be one, let’s face it), but what I generally have in any of handbags all year round is either Jack Wills’ Three rollerball (RIP), or Victoria’s Secret’s (second apostrophe??) Eau So Sexy rollerball (also RIP). I need to find myself some new rollerballs that don’t get discontinued, Jesus Christ.

Inhaler + meds

Inhalers are a necessity if you’ve learnt to bomb it down the entire length of St Pancras station in less than five minutes, and if you’ve seen the stairs at Aldgate station. They’re not on the same level as Covent Garden, but I still hate them. Inhalers are also pretty necessary if you’ve got asthma, like me.

I take in my afternoon dose of antibiotics in this little plastic case I got from Primark (what they sell their bobby pins in), and it works a treat. Coming back into the office has messed up the medication and eating schedules I developed over lockdown, so I now have to take my second dose of the day in the middle of the afternoon rather than before bed, which affects what times I can eat at work. It is pretty handy because it’s saving me money from buying afternoon snacks, but I’ve also found it really hard to take medication in the office with other people around, even if they’re not paying me any attention. Psychology, my dudes, is a bitch.

Aquilast blue light glasses

Another appearance from Aquilast! If you’ve read my previous blog posts, you’ll recognise these guys from a post I did a little while ago on my initial experience with them, and as you can see, they’re still kicking around.

They really do work, and I’m still loving them. My screen time is no less when I’m in the office than it is at home, so they are still a very fashionable necessity. They also make me feel important in meetings, which is very helpful on the very rare occasion I have my webcam on.

So, that’s what’s in my bag! I do have a bunch of other things in there, but I didn’t want to make this post too long, or bore you with all the rubbish I keep in there – god-knows how many travel card receipts, half-empty strips of Neurofen, napkins from Lovely Pasta at Spitalfields market.

I know there’s talk of a second lockdown, and maybe even a regional lockdown on London, but hopefully that won’t come to pass. I’ve liked being back in the city, seeing my colleagues, and actually moving about. Sure, I’ve not liked not being able to put as much away into my savings and washing my hair three times a week, but you’ve just go to take it as it comes, ey?

Talk to you later,

Boo x

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