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6 Small Businesses to Support With Your Christmas Cash

It’s November. It is officially pre-Christmas time. Accept it.

I start my Christmas shopping early, and by “early” I mean on Boxing Day. I just get very excited! I love giving presents – showing my appreciation to people, showing how much they mean to me, getting to really spoil them if I can. This year is no different, and right now, I only have about 6 or 7 presents left to get before there is no longer any hiding spaces left in my bedroom. There’s not even any room left in my bathroom, either.

If 2020 has shown us anything, it’s that small and local businesses are woefully forgotten about and are rightfully deserving of support. While this year may have been incredibly hard so far in terms of sales and business motivation, the pandemic has highlighted how important small businesses are, and how creative and resilient we human things can be.

Christmas time is the perfect time to shop differently and show support for small and local businesses, to get those thoughtful and unique gifts for the special people in your life from somewhere new! Whether that’s ye nan, ye boyfriend, or ye Secret Santa, I bet you you’ll find something from these businesses.

MAYARI & Rosy Collective

It’s a 2-4-1 on the first entry! Jewellery is always a good shout for a Christmas prezzie, especially if it’s also for a special occasion, like a first Christmas together or surviving a pandemic.

A brand I love is MAYARI, a 100% sustainable jewellery brand based here in the UK. For every purchase made, they plant a tree, and all the handcrafted jewellery is made from recycled and locally-sourced materials. Their packaging is also recyclable and so chic, so you don’t even need to think about getting out the wrapping paper or finding the end of the sellotape!

Ella, the lovely lady behind the company, designs the most gorgeous, contemporary pieces inspired by nature- perfect for the nature lovers and fashionistas in your life!

The second jewellery brand I’m loving is Rosy Collective, another UK-based company that launched earlier this year.

I actually have the earring stack in this image, and oh my God, I’m still not over the quality for the price I paid! This is the perfect brand to go for if you’re not looking to break the bank but still want to treat someone. Their designs are so feminine and delicate, and they do all their pieces in yellow gold, rose gold, and silver, so all style bases are covered. They also sell hair accessories like velvet scrunchies and pearl barrettes – just praying to the Rosy Collectives gods to soon launch a ring collection!

Kenny Read That

A company for the book lovers in your life. Kenny was one of the first bloggers I came across when I first started this whole mess, and he’s a just an absolute delight. Like me, he’s a lover of fiction, and sells mystery book packages on his Etsy shop, which is such a great idea. I remember seeing these kinda things at book fairs and school summer fetes, but Kenny’s taken a leap and launched a business – proud mum over here! Even you don’t know what book you’ll get when you place an order, so it’s almost like a double present!

Liberation Cocktails

What two things go hand-in-hand better than Christmas and alcohol? Fancy an evening libation? Go on, it’s Christmas! Wanna drink at 11am? It’s Christmas, no one can stop you. Going Slug and Lettuce for the third night in a row? C H R I S T M A S !

Main selling point to me about this brand? 5L KEG OF PORNSTAR MARTINI – OH HELL-O!

These guys only launched back in June this year – just in time for the party season! Alcohol is a tried-and-tested gift at Christmas, so if you know someone whose really feeling the Espresso Martini itch but is in a Tier 3 area, this is the way to go. I’ve just done your Christmas shopping for you – you’re welcome.

Kalon Candle Co.

I don’t think it’s possible to exist on Instagram at the minute and not catch a glimpse of these stunning candles.

The thing about this brand is that they make their products in small batches, so as soon as you see they’re restocked, YOU BUY! These lovely ladies are made from 100% eco soy wax, so they’re a much more lung-friendly alternative to paraffin candles, but we all know that they’re just too pretty to burn, so our lungs should be just fine. I’m yet to get my hands on one, but if you’ve got an Instagram-obsessed bestie, or you know someone all about that delicate, minimalist aesthetic, this is the home accessory for them!

AF London

AF London is the shop with everything for the travel-hungry and fashion-conscious.

From luggage tags to make up bags, sun hats to backpacks, AF London offers you the chance to have any piece stylishly stamped with your giftee’s initials. Everything is high quality and looks way more expensive that it should be, so if you know someone who’s looking for a special piece, this is the place. They also offer worldwide shipping, so our friends across the pond aren’t left out!

If you haven’t started your Christmas shopping yet, I don’t know what to do with you. You make me mad.

I think a lot of people are starting earlier this year and doing it online so they don’t get stuck in the rush at the shopping centres and whatnot for obvious reasons, which is pretty smart. I certainly have, but I’m also the idiot whose booked dinner at the Coppa Club the weekend before Christmas in Tower Hill, so I’m just tryna minimise my future self-sabotage.

Do you know any other small business you’ll be going to for a Christmas haul? Drop them in the comments so we can all take a look!

Talk to you later,

Boo x

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