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How to Style: The Band Tee

The band tee – a surprisingly versatile wardrobe staple; a piece of clothing deserving of being hung up rather than bundled in a drawer.

Other than just being universally comfortable, band tees are also a statement. When you see someone wearing a band tee, they’re telling you something about themselves. Yeah, I know you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover, but when it comes to band tees, you kinda just end up doing it. Music is all down to personal taste. If I saw someone wearing a ATL tee, I’d probably want to hang out with them. If I saw someone wearing a Nine Inch Nails or Rammstein t-shirt, I’d probably run. That’s just how it goes.

I have a fair few bad tees – some I bought at gigs, others I just bought online, and they all tend to revolve in the classic rock and punk genres. I am yet to find a Michael Bublé band tee, but if you know of one, DM me. I would like one very much.

Band tees don’t have to be restricted to being pyjama tops or just being worn at gigs. I think you can wear them anywhere, even at work! Like I said, they’re suprisingly versatile. Band tees come in so many different colours and with different colour palletes – that fact alone means they can be really easy to pair with wardrobe staples to create a whole bunch of different lewks. I’m gonna prove that to you in this post.


The quintisential band tee. If anyone says they have a band tee in their wardrobe, it’s probably this one. This is just a very chill, very comfortable look to throw on if you need to run a few errands, but still want to show off your edge.

Ignore the ASOS packages…

Tee – ASOS, disco leggings – ASOS, boots – Topshop (similar), faux leather jacket – M&S

Fleetwood Mac

*plays Dreams on repeat all day while on the way to the office*

Did I not say you could pull off a band tee at work? Luckily, if you’re working in a field like mine, office dresscodes are pretty chill. As long as your outfit is “appropriate” (no boobs or vagine on display), you’re good with anything. And if you whack a classic black blazer over a band tee, you’re suddenly on a whole new level.

Tee – ASOS, trousers – ASOS (similar), blazer – ASOS, loafers – F&F at Tesco

Guns n Roses

This has definitely become one of my favourite transitioning-into-Spring looks. It’s pretty simple, and because it’s layered it’s pretty versatile. If you wanted to take the cardi off, the look still works. Also, Vans and band tees are a match made in moshing heaven, so I had to put them together. What I love about the cardigan is that it softens the overall look, like the lightwash denim, and the bagginess of the oversized cardi compliments the mom jeans.

Tee – ASOS, mom jeans – New Look, cardigan – ASOS (similar), slip-on Vans – Schuh

I think this look could be so cute for when we can finally go out for brunch again. It’s girly, it’s casual, it has a little bit of an edge, and we don’t need to be worry about toppling over in heels after bottomless prosecco.

Midi skirt – New Look (similar), Nike AF1s – ASOS, bag – Versace

Rock Fest 2004

Believe it or not, I didn’t actually attend Rock Fest in Nuremberg, Germany in 2004, like this t-shirt suggests. I actually got my hands on this at a vintage fair at my uni’s SU way back in first year. Think it cost me about £12? It’s crazy that it still fits me as good as it did five years ago and how soft it still is.

Pencil skirt – ASOS , belt – ASOS, boots – Public Desire on ASOS

Because a band tee itself is a statement, your jewellery needs to be a statement too. Think chunky, think eye-catching.

Watch – Olivia Burton, Chains – Topshop + ASOS, Rock horns necklace – Missoma, Rings – Missoma

The tried-and-tested jewellery trend with band tees has to be, basically, fit as much jewellery as you can on your body – think layered chain necklaces, stacked rings, curated ears (there’s a post coming on that soon, btw), and jangling wrists. One thing I really love to do is pair elegant or highly curated accessories with pieces, like band tees or Doc Martens, that generally don’t adhere to a cohesive or polished look.

I picked up this set in the Missoma Boxing Day sale and I wear them nearly everyday. Because you’ve got pieces that form a distinctive look on their own, it refines whatever outfit you wear, especially a statement lewk like a band tee.

Band tees are all down to personal preference, so how you style them is also totally up to you. I’d love to see how you guys work them, so you can tag me in your pics on Instagram @heybooblog, or you can use my hashtag #boosgotyou to share. Get creative with them, get funky – treat your band tees with more respect that just wearing them as pyjamas!!!

Talk to you later,

Boo x

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