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Self Love Playlist

You know who the only person you have for life is? It’s you. You’re not going anywhere.

Self love is an easy thing to preach, but can be hard to put into practise. Like when you love others, you can’t just switch the love on, and sometimes it fizzles out, and the way you show your love can change and you don’t even realise. It’s just as important, maybe even more so, to be aware of the love you show yourself than the love you show to others.

Take the time to figure yourself out, to take yourself on dates, to find what makes you feel cared for and safe. While all those adorable couples are ordering Deliveroo for each other and strategising how to turn the living room into a love den, who’s to stop you from romancing the shit out of yourself by ordering that cute lingerie and Deliveroo, and reminding you what a complete individual and bad bitch you are?

Happy self lovin’!

Boo x

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