Hiya, welcome to my blog!

If you clicked on here hoping to find weird POV scenarios in which Yogi Bear greets Boo Boo in various different circumstances, you’ll be sadly disappointed. However, if you’re here to listen to (read?) my ramblings and my advice, or learn some fashion and lifestyle tips, you’re in the right place!

I’m a UK-based blogger in her early 20s who also works in PR and marketing, so I should be able to understand the whole deal with the blogging thing from two different angles, but I’m learning as I go. That’s generally how I figure most things out.

If you’d like to drop me a note, or a suggestion for some content you’d like to see, or you’d like to work with me, you can contact me here:

Email: heybooblog@gmail.com

Instagram: heybooblog

Boo x